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Getting ReWired – Building Below Zero: The Net Zero Plus Transformation, Part 2

Video Summary – PART 2

In this important PBS video, Building Below Zero: The Net Zero Plus Transformation, actor and environmentalist Ted Danson narrates this examination of the Net Zero Plus Transformation: buildings that produce and store more energy than they consume, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and potentially impacting global climate change.

Flex Lab – part of the National Renewable Energy Lab – Energy efficiency totally new integrated building that allows us to test building energy efficiency as a system.

Cindy Regnier Executive Manager Flexlabs – Major End use – lighting, envelop shading HVAC and how it relates to the grid how does the technology we use work well with the renewable production and lower costs and usage.  Takes the risk out by providing independent evaluation of these large scale technologies before manufactures building owners and investors commit large amounts of money, square footage and investment programs.

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