This is a resource for you, presented by me, Warren Evans, The Solar Economist.  My goal is to help support your transition to sustainable energy so we all can reduce our carbon footprint and share the benefits of the new clean energy economy.

I know the decision to transition to sustainable energy is a complex one, we can help you. This site is a set of resources, examples and tools to help you achieve 3 general benefits, save you money, help the environment and actually improve your lifestyle.  I’m doing this to illuminate the true carbon impact and the real world economics of this transition for people interested in understanding what they can do to fight global warming.

As a Business Owner, Technology Program Manager and Nuclear Engineer I’m proud to be an environmental supporter and advocate of all forms of renewable energy and the game changing technologies and economics surrounding this global transition. I’m experienced in managing complex technologies and making them accessible to people who need practical solutions.

In 2014 our neighbor suggested that we go solar, I thought he was crazy but he convinced me to take a closer look at the idea. Soon weeks turned into months of study, eventually was shocked to realize that the energy economics were a no-brainer for us, so I disrupted myself and went solar. To continue the journey 2015 saw us start a Renewable Energy company to help others make the transition to sustainable energy.

Please join us as we share some very handy resources with you for your journey.

Warren Evans, The Solar Economist